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1. Oil Refinery Movement of 1955


A great mass movement was witnessed in Assam during the period 1955-57 when the central government showed indifferent attitude towards the peoples’ due demand for establishment of an Oil Refinery in Assam. The people o f the state also felt that Assam was under-developed as compared to the other states o f the country due to the non-establishment o f industry in the state On the other hand, the first and second five-years plans had not taken any positive steps in this regard. Hence, the negligent altitude towards Assam added fury to the flames.

2. The Official Language Movement of 1960


Though the Official Language Movement in Assam was started formally in 1960 but it can be said that the movement had begun after the very next day of India’s Independence. The Assam Jatiya Mahasabha and the Asomiya Sangha took a leading role in this regard. The Assam Jatiya Mahasabha was quite vocal and demanded that the Assamese should be recognized as the state language and the medium of Instruction. A memorandum was submitted to Gopinath Bordoloi, the then Chief Minister of Assam by Ambikagiri Roy Choudhary, the president of the Mahasabha, to concede the persistent demands of the Association. ‘Assam for Assamese’ was the soul slogan of their organization. Chandra Kanta Phukon, President of Asomiya Sangha, Nagaon, also pleaded for recognition of the Assamese as the state language after independence, Assamese was recognized as one of the language in the VUIth Schedule of the constitution. But controversy started over the declaration of Assamese as the state language due to the fact that Assam is a multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-cultural state of North-East India. So, it was very difficult to declare Assamese as the state official language by the state Government without considering the consent of the other major communities of the state. Being the majority in the state the Assamese people and other nationalist organization of Assam pressurized the Assam Government to declare Assamese as the state official language This proposal began agitating the people’s mind in the Brahmaputra valley, in Cachar and the Hill districts for sometime prior to the outbreak of July 4, I960. Again, it can be said that the Official Language Movement of 1960 was a direct sequel to the appointment of the state’s Re-organization Committee (S.RC) in 1955 and dates back to the agitation for adoption of Assamese as the official language in 1950.

3. Food Crisis Movement of 1964-67


The food crisis situation that was originated in the whole country in the year 1966 turned into a great movement where the student community o f India took a leading part in the movement. The students of Assam also involved themselves actively in the movement as their counter-parts in different parts of India.

4. Medium of Instruction Movement of 1972


Medium of Instruction movement was another big issue which has created a tremendous storm in the educational, social and political scenario of Assam in 1972 where the student community of Assam involved themselves actively to achieve the desired goal of the movement as like that of the previous instances of movement. Again, it can said that though the Assam government passed the Official Language Bill in 1960 to make Assamese the official language of the state but the language problem of Assam had not been permanently solved and this movement can be regarded also as the off-spring of the language movement of 1960.

5. The Assam Movement of 1979-85


The students of Assam had participated actively in all the major movements that had been originated in Assam since independence The previous sub-chapters of this chapter have proved the truth Considering the aims and the objectives, the student community of Assam never seen lagging behind in this regard if they found that these movements were related with the soul cause of their motherland. History also revealed that most the movements of Assam had started by students themselves. Therefore, the whole world has witnessed a great student movement in Assam variously nomenclatured ‘Assam Movement’, ‘Foreigner’s Movement’ etc during the period 1979-85 which had proved and showed real power of the students of Assam as well as the world.